February 2019 Road Trip Playlist

by Stephanie Withers
Comforting Road Trip Playlist for February 2019

For this cold and dreary month, I created a road trip playlist that makes you want to curl up around the campfire with a steaming mug of coffee (or hot chocolate if you’re into that).

One of my favorite parts of a road trip is the soundtrack.

Whenever I’m headed out on a long drive, I have to run to Spotify to put together an awesome playlist. My husband is partial to audio books and podcasts, but for me… I need to rock out.

This February has been cold and rainy. Southeast Texas gets A LOT of rain and it’s really been bumming me out, so I need a playlist that’s warm and comforting.

This month’s road trip playlist is soothing and, of course, fun to sing along to! Car ride singalongs are one of my favorite pastimes, I must admit.

The songs are warm and melodic with comforting harmonies and soothing rhythms.

Grab your favorite blankie and a good book, and then settle down for a listen. Or, much preferred, go for a drive.

February Spotify Road Trip Playlist

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